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  • RANGO is a highly effective broad-spectrum biopesticide for the control of insects, mites, and diseases in both organic and conventional operations.
  • RANGO is a high-quality, 70% cold-pressed neem oil containing over 150 bio-actives including azadirachtin. The cold-pressed process preserves the integrity of the active ingredients resulting in effective management of insects, mites, and diseases.
  • RANGO is approved for use on crops such as vegetables, berries, tree fruits, tree nuts, and others. See the label for more information.
  • RANGO Key Benefits:
    • Proven results on major insects and diseases such as worms, thrips, aphids, mildews, and botrytis.
    • Excellent rotational and tank-mix partner
      • Multiple modes of action.
      • Flexible applications.
      • No known resistance. 
    • Premium formulation allows the Rango to stay in suspension for 48+ hours
InsecticideFungicideMiticide V2(1800 × 200 px)

Proven Results!

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  • RANGO program reduces Navel Orangeworm damage to below 1% in almonds.
  • The most effective organic treatment in Cal Poly trials ('19,'20) for Botrytis in strawberries.
  • Proven management of Powdery Mildew in apples for 3 consecutive years in Washington State.
  • Demonstrated superior control to Thrips and Lepidopteran sp. in vegetable crops
  • Results with comparable efficacy to conventional solutions for Downy Mildew control in lettuce and spinach.
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What is the difference between cold-pressed neem oil and clarified hydrophobic neem oil?

  • Cold-Pressed Neem Oil, naturally sourced from the neem kernel, resulting in a high purity & quality oil containing a broad-spectrum of limonoid actives for the management of both insects and diseases.
  • Other neem-based products are formulated utilizing a chemically based extraction process which results in a limited load of limonoid bioactive compounds. Additionally, Azadirachtin-based neem products are labeled for insecticide use only

Why is RANGO a excellent tank-mix and rotational partner?

RANGO can compliment your IPM programs in multiple ways.

  • Multiple Modes of action
    • Antifeedant
    • Insect growth regulator
    • Insect repellant
    • Molting disruptor
    • Fungal growth inhibitor
  • No known resistance
    • Rated "NC" by FRAC
    • Rated "UNE' by  IRAC
  • Flexible applications
    • 4 Hour Re-entry Level
    • 0 Day Pre- Harvest Interval


What are some of the benefits of RANGO's premium formulation?

RANGO is a premium formulation of high-quality cold-pressed neem oil loaded into a proprietary inert chassis resulting in superior emulsion and in-tank stability. RANGO has the ability to stay in suspension with minimum agitation for more than 48 hours, a significant improvement compared to other neem based products.


  • Stays in solution
  • Consistent coverage
  • Consistent efficacy







Can RANGO be used in Organic production?

Yes, RANGO is OMRI listed.

OMRI certification

Where is RANGO registered?

RANGO is registered in all US states.

What crops is RANGO registered for?

For use in vegetables, berries, tree fruits, tree nut crops, greenhouses, ornamental plants, nurseries, and other listed plants. 

See Product Label

Where can I buy RANGO?

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